The church operates various working groups and anyone coming around the church is welcome to join any one of them. These groups originally began in the Kirk Session* but the the invitation is open to others to participate in a variety of areas. These are grouped in to four basic categories:

We are also open to suggestions for new working groups in any of these categories. See the list of our current working groups below.

Worship and Education

  • Planning and Participation
  • New Hymns/Music and Liturgies
  • Technical Support (Sound, Powerpoint, etc)
  • Bible Readers
  • Other Worship Opportunities
  • Housegroups
  • Education Programmes


  • Outreach to the Parish
  • Community Involvement
  • Links with School/College
  • Publicity (DVD, Leaflets, Open Day etc)


  • Fundraising and Social Events
  • Sponsored Activities
  • Pastoral Visiting Scheme
  • Welcoming (New members, new people)
    • Fellowship Opportunities

Justice and Peace

  • Christian Aid
  • Traidcraft
  • Fairtrade Congregation
  • Amnesty International
  • Eco Congregation

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*At a local level – the parish – the court is a kirk session. Kirk sessions oversee the local congregation and its parish, and consist of elders presided over by a minister. You can read more on the Church of Scotland’s governing structure here.