Trinity College Short courses, August 2023

For anyone interested in furthering your knowledge and abilities in any of these upcoming subjects at Trinity College please contact the college directly but also let me know if you do decide to take any of the courses.  A group of six or so Worship Group members attended classes last autumn and found them to be interesting and beneficial.  And not least, beneficial to the church!

With thanks

Douglas McCulloch

Session Clerk (Admin)

 Our Autumn 2023 Short Courses

We are also delighted to announce our short course programme for Autumn 2023.  Notify your interest today at

Applications close on Friday the 8th of September. More information 

Designing and Leading Worship2nd October – 27th November, 2023

Monday evenings, 7-9pm, hybrid  This course is an introduction to designing and leading Christian worship services utilising theological and historically rich patterns and practices and adapting these to participants contemporary church context. It will stimulate participants to be reflective, recognise how worship works and become more skilled at designing and leading meaningful, participatory acts of church worship. This course is offered in hybrid format and accessible to those in a church who are beginning to lead acts of Christian worship and for local church leaders who wish to refresh their understanding and practice. Find out more here. 

Contemporary Visual Art and Christian Worship5th October – 30th November, 2023

Thursday evenings, 7-9pm, online This course offers an exploration of the integration of contemporary visual arts in Christian liturgy and the worship environment. The course is open to learners of any background, with no prerequisite knowledge of art or liturgy, and is ideal for those who are seeking to develop the visual arts in their church or faith organisation.The course will engage theologically and artistically, and by the end of the course students will be equippedwith practical and theoretical skills for developing creative visual arts practice in their own area. Find out more here. 

Listening in Mission28th September – 23rd November, 2023

Thursday evenings, 7-9pm, online This course will explore the practice and theology of listening in mission within local communities and how this may renew imagination and impact of the church in a rapidly changing society. Course attendees will explore common mission approaches and be introduced to practices of local community research, theological reflection, and spiritual discernment, in order to develop practical skills in mission attentiveness. Processes that enable group reflection, observation, listening to stories and interpretation will be introduced so these skills can be deployed in church or mission teams. This course is suitable for those who lead in local church situations and those interested in innovating and pioneering in church mission. Find out more here.

Preaching in Church Contexts20th September – 29th November, 2023

Wednesday evenings, 4-6pm, in-person This creative, practical and stimulating course will help you to develop as a preacher through reflection on why and how we preach. We will explore the relationships between the form of biblical texts and the sermons we preach on them, as well as reflecting on delivery, style and method. A key feature of the course is the opportunity to learn from tutor and peer feedback on sermons preached in class. This course is accessible for those who have completed a level 1 course, or have already undertaken other forms of further education. Find out more here.

Creative Writing as Spiritual Reflection9th October to 4th December, 2023

Monday evenings, 7-9pm, online This course will enable and support the use of creative writing as a means of theological reflection upon personal, spiritual and contemporary experience. Each week participants will engage with key texts, undertake writing exercises, produce their own creative writing and share their work within small groups. By the end of the course they will have produced a piece of creative writing and a critical reflection on this for assessment and/or feedback. The ethos of the course will be supportive, participatory and require the engaged, respectful participation of all members. Find out more here.  Please feel free to forward this email to those who will most benefit. Any extra enquiries can be directed to Rev Mark Johnston, Pastoral Studies Tutor, Glasgow University   

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