Christmas and Consumerism

29th November 22

It is the weekend of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Research shows that the biggest shopping day of the year is the Saturday before Christmas, sometimes called Super Saturday.

Consumerism is a year-round thing, but things really go into overdrive in the weeks before Christmas. For many people Christmas means spending. While there is joy in giving and receiving gifts, overspending can cause financial and emotional distress.

We all know that the best things in life cannot be bought with money. The message of Christmas is a strong reminder of this truth.   

However, not over-consuming during Christmas is far easier said than done. We are up against some powerful forces in corporate advertising, a cultural compulsion to shower our loved ones with gifts and encouragement by financial institutions to buy things we cannot afford.   

I read somewhere “People are in debt because of Christmas”.

Interest-accumulating debt has far-reaching ramifications on not only economic but also psychological levels. This can negatively impact our levels of stress, anxiety, and depression – to name a few – which in turn directly influence our health and well-being.

Let us continue this conversation on Tuesday 29 November at 11:00. I look forward to seeing
you there.

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