Lent 2022

We can’t quite believe it but Lent 2022 is almost upon us and we look forward to time as a community to journey through lent together and reflect on the love of God revealed in Christ.

Our Lenten theme, Full to the Brim, is an invitation—into a radically different Lent, into a full life. It’s an invitation to be authentically who you are, to counter scarcity and injustice at every turn, to pour out even more grace wherever it is needed. And so, this Lent, let us trust—fully—that we belong to God. Let us increase our capacity to receive and give grace. Let us discover the expansive life God dreams for us.

Find the Lent devotional booklet, more information on what’s on over Lent and more material on our Lent 2022 information page.

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