Langside Church is a situated in a modern building with several halls and rooms which are available to hire.

Enquiries can be made by contacting the church office or by completing the attached booking form and returning it to the church office by email or post.


Address: 167 Ledard Road, Glasgow, G42 9QU

Terms and conditions of Room Hire at Langside Church

1 . All applications to use the Church facilities must be made using the Langside Church Room Booking form to the Church Office.

2. All bookings longer than a period of 6 weeks are subject to approval by the Kirk Session.

3. Church functions will, in all circumstances, take precedence over any other booking.  We will inform you of this 4 weeks prior to the date.

4. Please leave the church and halls in a clean and tidy condition. The Hirer will be responsible for any damage to any fittings, equipment or property.

5. Display of posters or advertisements may be displayed only with the consent of the Church Office.

6. Langside Church does not accept any responsibility for and damage, theft or loss of any property brought onto the premises.

7. Keys that are provided are for the use of authorised persons only. Any loss must be reported to the Church Office and keys returned at the end of the hire period.

8. The Hirer shall be responsible for the payment of any Royalties or other dues payable in regard to the use of films/videos/public performance etc.

9. When the Hirer is part of a commercial activity, the Hirer is required to have Employers and Public Liability Insurance cover of at least 2 million pounds and the appropriate certificate shall be displayed in the Hall for the duration of the booking.

10. Hirers who use the kitchen facilities must follow the appropriate Health and Hygiene legislation regulations. For more information contact Margaret Jack 01355 590580. For safety reasons children are not allowed in the kitchen.

11. Hirers who work with children or vulnerable adults will be required to have their own PVG checks in place.

12. Alcohol may be consumed within the building. If alcohol is to be sold the Hirer must obtain the appropriate Temporary Events notice from the local licensing agency with a copy supplied to Langside Church and displayed during the booking.

13. All parts of the building are no smoking areas.

14. No nails, screws, bolts etc may be driven into the walls and fixtures of the Church Halls.

15. Accidents and Incidents must be recorded in the Accident Book which is in the Church Office and reported to the Convener as soon as possible. A First Aid box is kept in the Church Office.

16. All electrical equipment used must have undergone the Portable Electrical Appliance Testing and the Hirer will provide a copy to the Church.

17. Langside Church reserves the right to terminate the hire or cancel any booking if it finds or suspects the Hirer of using or intending to use the facilities for any activity other than that stated on the application form.